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Teach English in Dazhasi Zhen, Aba Zangzu Qiangzu Zizhizhou —
Although I personally try to avoid overusing slang and idioms, having grown up being told by my parents and numerous educators that it made me sound uneducated in the first case and like I was trying too hard in the second, I cannot deny that both have their place in the ESL classroom
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Teach English in Dongxing Zhen, Aba Zangzu Qiangzu Zizhizhou —
Successful language teaching consists of a balanced combination of the four skills, which are listening, reading, writing, speaking, as well as and an engagement with cultural practices of the countries in which the acquired language is spoken
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Teach English in Hongxing Zhen, Aba Zangzu Qiangzu Zizhizhou —
Topic: What outdoor activities can help with teaching English? (Option 122) Title: Using nature to nurture: enhancing EFL learning by educating outside L M Pincott Introduction Dreary-eyed students, staring out the window instead of focusing on your thoughtfully prepared lesson
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