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The topic chosen for the summative task is number forty-three: establishing rapport. The title is “Why Establishing Rapport is Important”. This paper will convey in why rapport is important for the teacher, the students and the classroom. Rapport is important for the teacher because they are the ones who have to set an example not only for themselves but for the students in the classroom. The relationship linking the teachers and the students is essential since it can culminate in either a favorable result for the class. Or the outcome could turn into a failure. We can’t also forget that the students have their own relationship with themselves too. In addition, while it may be challenging for the teacher; they should find creative methods on establishing rapport for the students. For instance, they can do things such as, have a warm up game or activity. Not only this, the teacher can utilize games that get the students to know each other and get the students to know the teacher also. Plus games can be practical in helping the teacher determine how the students are progressing through the English course.By using warm ups and inventive games, the teacher in a helpful manner (not controlling) is leading the students into establishing rapport. The students are most eager in establishing rapport for a few reasons. One of them being students assisting one another. From establishing this kind of rapport the students don’t have to be too dependant on the teacher. In addition, the students can also correct each other. Whether it is group or pair work in any type of exercise. By doing this, students can be independent on themselves and know how to fix their own mistakes in the future. These two examples above show that by establishing this type of rapport students can become self sufficient and have unity together. Furthermore, establishing rapport in a place for example, like the classroom is important because students and teachers need a domain where they feel comfortable and at ease. But enough where they can both be focused on doing work. One way this can be attributed from the teacher. Who should have good body posture, stand straight, and smile as this helps bring positivity to the atmosphere of the classroom. Also acknowledge the students when they are doing work. It’s good for students to be seen and recognized for good work. Another thing to do is prevent conflicts, especially amongst the students. Don’t ignore the issue the teacher must face and address it. Communicate with both students and figure out the issue between them. Keep them far from each other and sitting at different desks if it has to be done. Also the teacher can switch up the desk formations and the students seats so they can all be familiar with each other throughout the school year. If the conflict cannot be resolved then seek the principal and parents for help and guidance. By doing this students won’t fight with each other and there won’t be a negative setting for the learners. Since students shouldn’t be in an environment that’s stressful for them. Although this is up to the instructor, by committing to these ideas they can contribute to a learning background space that is constructive, enthusiastic and supportive. This is why establishing rapport is important. In conclusion, establishing rapport is important because it lends a helping hand to setting the tone for the teacher, creating solidarity among the students (and the teacher as well), and laying the foundations of a learning environment infused with positive overtones in the classroom. But moreover, from organizing rapport in a supportive environment. The students, along with the teacher make discoveries not only on their own but together as well. In instructing, learning, and understanding English to a successful end result. Which is why establishing rapport is important.