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Being a beginner of teaching English for young learners as I am, hardly I knew lesson plan was relatively crucial until I tried to help my niece and nephew learn English. It was unlikely resemble of a proper classroom, in contrast they did not have full attention and easily to get bored. After that, I started to think if I wanted to be a professional English teacher for children, I must plan a lesson before attending any class. In the following, I would like to write down reasons lesson planning is important. First of all, lesson planning consists of the topic that you will teach in your next lesson, this is to determine what will you choose is proper for your students’ levels. Secondly, it should contains your personal aims as you want to achieve while teaching your pupils that specific topic. The other benefit from getting a well-prepared lesson plan is to help you manage your teaching time, how will you divide each parts properly which will be suitable for your class period. In addition, a good plan could help you remember what is necessary to put in your class. For example, let your students practice speaking in pairs/groups with casual daily communication in ACTIVE phase; or remind you not to forget to bring flashcards, important documents to class. In other case, you wish to monitor the class decently, you might consider putting anticipated problems part and list some solutions in your lesson plan. Lastly, a great syllabus could boost your confident while standing in front of your students and this is also being a record what you have done and what kind of materials did you use. In summary, lesson plan is important because it makes you are being a professional, well-organised teacher and it carries out the whole class run smoothly. After understanding how lesson plan is so important, I have applied this by searching for syllabus sample and made my own one. However, is it always a 100 percentages success? Once I followed the plan, I witnessed some points that I could not have predicted due to my lack of experience, for instance, my students did not enjoy my activity which was singing and dancing to different songs for 3 times during the class. Eventually, I had realized that you could not strictly follow your lesson plan, you would need to adjust some points and being flexible also. It might be worked well on your first and brand new class, therefore it is not guaranteed you will not have to change the whole plan according to the later circumstances. Perhaps, syllabus could help you perform well in front of your students but you do need to take note some notes of other experience/ problems occurred and record adjustments to consider the necessary points to apply in your next lesson. Just because those are drawbacks, you cannot ignore them, you will face it and try to prevent familiar things happen, only then your lesson plan will become more completely, always make sure to update your plan properly. As well-said “A great presentation requires well-prepared speech”. Overall, it may take time for me to become a better teacher that establish a good lesson plan, have an exceptional teaching performance as I need to improve more skills, acquire more experience. Therefore, it is good to aware of how lesson plan is important since once you are still apply this, the effectiveness will show up inevitably and soon you will do good in your teaching role.