Teach English in Bingtuan San Tuan - Akesu Diqu — Aksu

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Unit 3 EFL Methodology, Mistakes and Feedback provided an excellent overview of teaching theories, their strengths and weaknesses, along with the suggested teaching method of Engage, Study, Activate. In the latter, teachers can arrange lesson plans in a straight arrow format, where they first engage students through warm-up activities. After the Engage stage, the class transitions into the Study phase, where students learn and practice new language concepts. To end, students practice the new language in the Activate stage. Teachers can build different kinds of lesson plans using a Patchwork or Boomerang model, where they might start with the Engage phase, go straight into an Activate stage, fall back in a Study phase, and then end with another Activate stage (the Boomerang model). This unit also outlines basic strategies and best practices for correction and feedback, and suggests teachers do feedback in the most sensitive and positive manner possible, focusing on errors (more ingrained and repeated often) and not mistakes (one-time only error).