Teach English in Bingtuannongyishishajingzishuili Guanlichu - Akesu Diqu — Aksu

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Lessons should be divided into sections, with different sections focusing on different methods of language acquisition. This allows teachers to use the positive attributes of multiple models, in order to give students as much success in learning the language as possible. If students only studied grammar and did worksheets, without practicing speaking and active problem-solving in the new language they would not be able to increase their fluency. However, if the only focus of the class is on speaking and engagement, students are not taught basic grammar and language rules, which can cause ingrained errors and make it more difficult for the teacher to correct their mistakes. The material in this unit has helped me understand the best ways to structure lessons using these methods, and how to engage students and make learning a new language as fun and involved for them as possible.