Teach English in Bozidun Muchang - Akesu Diqu — Aksu

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In this lesson I have learned the Theories, Methods and techniques on teaching. It is important to know these lesson by heart and apply it in our classroom. And base on my understanding, there is no definite method/s that is effective, all we have to learn first is know your students, their background and their level in learning and from that information you will identify the methods or techniques that is suits for your class. Learning a new language is challenging and it is our job as a teacher to make it fun and exciting. Engage your students, play games and songs that is related to the topic to get their attention. Let them commit mistakes and guide them to find the answers, never give excessive correction, it may lead to negative impact to our learners. Always assess the students and encourage them to speak. Oral test is the best way to check their knowledge and understanding...