Teach English in Akeqi Zhen - Aletai Dìqu — Altay

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This unit was extremely helpful. The many examples of games and activities and how they serve to induce learning, will be immediately useful to my classroom. Further, the ESA framework has helped me better understand the major elements occurring in the classroom, regardless of what order in which they occur, or how they are specifically carried out. The outline of the ten major theories was very insightful and helped me better understand where I fall within the spectrum, but also to consider if I should consider adopting the good elements of others. For myself, I lean heavily toward the Lexical approach. My personal motivation comes from the idea of how two (or more) people would go about surviving if they suddenly found themselves on a remote island and they did not share a common language. They would likely begin to quickly exchange words with each other for those things which were essential to survival, and not get in a rush about learning to communicate things in the abstract or which was superfluous, nor would they likely be off put if grammar was abused. The outline of the six elements of the ESA study phase is also helpful to me. I plan to consider how I might implement each of these elements more consistently within my lessons, especially the elicitation beginning, and the analysis wrap-up.