Teach English in Alahake Zhen - Aletai Dìqu — Altay

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This unit focused a lot on specific activities that could be done in a classroom setting in order to encourage learning. I think something that I found to be most helpful was the section on correction. I am always afraid to correct kids and even adults because I feel that it can sometimes inhibit progress as they become anxious about talking again or embarrassed over being corrected. I think I will definitely be taking the suggestions of not to interrupt as much during the engage and activate parts of the lessons. I want to be an encouraging teacher, obviously I do not want anyone to develop bad habits but I think the occasional mistake can be overlooked sometimes as long as it is not something that is continuously misused. I also found that the different methods for teaching foreign languages to be very interesting. I have some experience with the Grammar-translation method which I found to be to not be the best method while learning Spanish in school. I would be interested to try all of the different approaches though and see which one is best applied in the classroom setting.