Teach English in Bingtuan Yibawu Tuan - Aletai Dìqu — Altay

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In this unit we examined the various methodologies that can be used in teaching English. We also examined the question of mistakes, feedback and corrections. There are many methods to teaching English and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the one that encompasses the best advantages for teaching is the ESA method. This method provides for ample talk time for students, especially in the Engage and Activate phases, but also in the Study phase (though to a lesser extent since this phase is focused on language construction and understanding.) Important things learnt in this unit include the following: the need for students to have as much talk time as possible, the right time to correct mistakes and understanding the differences between mistakes and errors, the need to use a variety of activities and the right amount of feedback to give students. It was also important not to dismiss totally any method, but use aspects when necessary, for example drilling. Although ESA is the method mostly used, the unit also shows us how to make lessons interesting by using for example the Boomerang and Patchwork methods.