Teach English in Fuhai Jianyu - Aletai Dìqu — Altay

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These teaching techniques were both interesting and will be useful in teaching. While going through the different ESL methods throughout history, I agree that there are positive and negative points to all of them. I think that the ESA method looks promising as a way of combining the positives of other methods and look forward to using it. I do wonder how that will look in practice and look forward to practicing it later on. The list of activities was thorough and useful. I'd say my main concern would be timing the lessons to fit all three ESA categories in, but I know that proper timing comes with experience and practice, so it's not something I can gain from a lesson. I also know that each section will be timed and look different each class, especially if I want to mix it up so that I don't become predictable. This was a wonderful section filled with useful information.