Teach English in Ankang-shi

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Teach English in Hexi Zhen, Ankang Shi
The best thing I have learned from my TEFL/TESOL course can span a variety of different topics, but the topics that stick out most to me are as follows: Level testing and needs analysis, The learning environment, Authentic and non-authentic materials, Games in the classroom and Cultural issues
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Teach English in Houliu Zhen, Ankang Shi
In any country where English is not the primary spoken language, there are bound to be issues in pronunciation resulting from differences between the phonology of the native language and the phonology of English
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Teach English in Huali Zhen, Ankang Shi
I have chosen to write about my personal teaching experience, as I believe that in one way or another it covers many of the topics listed for the final exam
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Teach English in Huaping Zhen, Ankang Shi
I Introduction This summative task will discuss how to teach the productive and receptive skills that provide the information and practice necessary for students to become competent in all forms of English communication
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Teach English in Huishui Zhen, Ankang Shi
Where did you grow up? What is your native language? Did you try to learn any other language? In school? Were you taught by your family and friends? When you hear a foreign language that you don’t know, what is your physical reaction? What is that little voice in your head trying to tell you? My little voice tells my brain to tell my mouth to tell the person speaking a language that I don’t know, understand, or comprehend to ask them if they know English
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Teach English in Jieling Zhen, Ankang Shi
I chose the topic of ‘teaching vocabulary’ because of my current teaching experience and the age group I am teaching, more specifically-young learners
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