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For many years the English language has been used by many countries as their preferred choice of language. Given how easy it is to communicate with one another once a person learns the language, it is not difficult to see why English is regarded as a global language. For an individual who is new to a country that makes use of English as their primary language, learning English could have a lot of advantages in terms of not only communicating but also having good relations with the people in general. For any foreigner who wishes to relocate to countries like the United States in the future, they should consider having some knowledge as far as the English language is concerned. As much as English is concerned, one may beg to wonder what a global language entails. According to David Crystal, achieving global status means that language plays a vital role in most of the countries (3). From this perspective, a universal language must serve some special role in the country or countries in which it is spoken. The role that a global language plays might vary from state to state. Countries like the United States, Britain, Canada, New Zealand view English as their native language. In this case, the majority of the people living in those countries speak the English language regularly as their primary language. In such a scenario, the English language is seen as being the mother tongue in their respective countries. In other scenarios, roles played by a global language are examined in the sense that they secondary to the primary language being spoken. An illustration of this is looking at the Spanish speaking countries. Countries like Mexico view Spanish as their primary language. However, the English language is considered to be a secondary language for easy communication. Viewing the matter from an international relations viewpoint, English should be the language used globally. Looking at it from an international relation perspective, the English language is viewed as a common ground for communication for most of the countries. Majority of the countries in the world have their citizens speak the English language. For this reason, it can be said that English is a popular language not only in the West but also in other continents such as Africa and the Middle East. Anyone who desires to work or study away from their native country must have some knowledge of the English language. In addition to that, the business and education community view the English language as their preferred language of choice as well as the required language. With this in mind, it is difficult not to find an institution of higher learning or a global company which does not emphasize the use of English as their primary language of choice. It is for this reason why the majority of the people living and working abroad must first learn the English language. In summary, there has been the rise in the English language in many countries as most of them turn to English as their preferred language. Many states recognize English as a global language as the majority of their citizens speak the language. The need for recognizing English as a universal language may be seen as a requirement for many learning institutions as well as international organizations. Foreigners should take the initiative to learn the English language to have an easier stay in any country. Work Cited Crystal, David. English as a global language. Cambridge University Press, 2012.