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When we hear the word "English ", what kind of image does it come to the mind? It is the most popular and well-used language all over the world. About 350 millions of people use English as the first language and 450 millions of people use English as a second language as well as official language. As it is very popular language, the people who are from several countries try to learn and shine their characters as possible as possible. The person who is clever at English, is well accepted and known by the society too. English is originated from anglo-Frisian dialects. It is a west Germanic language. The three Germanic tribes, the jutes, saxon and angles attacked Britain in 5th century, this language is from them and it is used by the people day by day. English that we learn and use everyday had been spoken by the inhabitants of Britain who had spoken various dialects from the Celtic language. After the attacked. The native britons had change their residence and moved to Scotland ,Ireland and wales. The winning tribes of angles had settled down there and the land of angels became the England and the language which is spoken by them is Englisc. Then it became "English ".This is the history of the English language briefly. How does English language become global language today? The first thing is the british empire. When the people from Britain started to doing business with Asia and Africa, the language also spread. The native people of those countries still speak their native language but when they do businesses, they use English language. As well as ,they study English as a subject in the school and follow so many degrees in English medium. The second thing is post-war of USA. After the first and second world war of the world,USA started to do the business of large scale. Then the films and entertainments spread all over the world which are styled as American, showed its culture. They used English as the medium of entertainment. They produced classic films and varieties of the music by using English as medium. This can be introduced as coolness factor as well as the third reason. Technology was the other fact for language spreading . As the computer was invented by the people from USA , they inserted English as the using language. As all the world interested in this new technology, people wanted to learn the language. Other one is the snowball effect . Now,English is the wide spread language. Anyone can see in the internet can hear on radio or elsewhere. It can widely open the job market as it is used as the job requirement . Not only children or youth but also adults are learning English now to enhance their career opportunities. So, English is used in various countries for their education, entertainment, leisure , travel and tourism field and etc as main language. It means English language can dominate the wide area of the world of communication. Now ,we can introduce "English " as the "dominant language" of the world. As English is very important for day today activities, we can introduce English as the global language. However , there are other languages such as Spanish, Mandarin , Arabic and etc. they are being rapidly used by the people around the world. Anyhow, as long as English is used as medium for business communication, education , entertainment and etc, it will be able to protect its dominant nature. Anyway, when teach the English in several countries, it sometimes takes that countries' cultural background. Ex:- when teach the vocabulary of foods in India, a teacher usually don't teach hotdog, pizza or etc. because, they are unfamiliar . Even it is used as the global language,When using the teaching materials, teachers are usually taking items from cultural backgrounds of the country on behalf of the English culture. Since it enters about 1000 new words to the oxford dictionary, and it takes very different pronounciaton style , it is very interesting to learn this language well. However English language is unable to prevail its dominant nature on BBC ,MSN or world famous medias as there are so many occasions that Spanish, mandarin and Arabic languages. Because of these factors how it will be the future of the English language as a global language?