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Teach English in Honghuapu Zhen, Baoji Shi
How does teaching adult differ from teaching young learners? To most people, it should be rather obvious that teaching children is very different from teaching adults, due to adults being more mature and having more life experience than children
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Teach English in Huangniupu Zhen, Baoji Shi
The main reason behind this article is to gain some knowledge and differences between English and Chinese languages as well as to clear out the major difficulties over pronunciation for Chinese learners with L1 background
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Teach English in Jingkou Zhen, Baoji Shi
Whether you are currently considering embarking in a career in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or have been a teacher of English language learners for years the TEFL course will provide you with an invaluable source to develop your skills as a teacher
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Teach English in Jiufang Zhen, Baoji Shi
Had emigrated to the US from China at the age of 18,I am delighted to be able to share my new language acquiring experience, and shed some light on some of challenges a new language learner might encounter during the course of learning
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Teach English in Jutou Zhen, Baoji Shi
Creating Material for a Lesson Plan and likewise, a complete course is one of the most challenging tasks for a teacher, it is as equally rewarding
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Teach English in Liangting Zhen, Baoji Shi
This Summative Task will focus on the importance of lesson planning for a class, with particular attention on the concepts learnt throughout this course and my personal understanding of the material
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Teach English in Majia Zhen, Baoji Shi
After working as an assistant language teacher(ALT) in Japanese elementary schools for three years, I have come to know some of the problems Japanese learners of English are facing
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