Teach English in BayuZhen - Baoji Shi

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Now we all know that as a teacher we have to deal with very crucial software and that crucial software is the mind of the learner .As all students are coming from different societies and from different cultures and it’s a very very heterogeneous nature in classroom, some are of them are motivated and some are of them having lack of confidence. Motivation is the key to a student's success and is the driving force behind successful learning. In order for a student to be motivated, they need to have a positive attitude towards learning. Many factors affect a student's motivation to learn, such as their interest in the subject, their fear of failure, why the information is useful to them, a general desire to achieve, their self-esteem, and self-confidence.So, firstly for that I have get to know each students because a great teacher can make learning fun and inspire them to reach their full potential. Teacher should encourage open communication and free thinking with students to make them feel important. Being enthusiastic and praising students often.Making participating fun by giving each student a job to do.By giving students the responsibility of tidying up or decorating the classroom.That fact is school play an important role in boosting student motivation by picking up where parents leave off or stepping in when parents are unable or reluctant to be actively involved. Various elements of schooling, from teachers’ interactions with students to school organisations, can have an impact on student motivation. Avoiding monotony by changing around the structure of class. Teaching through games and discussions instead of lectures, encouraging students to debate and enrich the subject matter with visual aids, like colourful charts, diagrams and videos.Even can show a movie that effectively illustrates a topic or theme. Physical classroom should never be boring: using posters, models, student projects and seasonal themes to decorate classroom, and can create a warm, stimulating environment. “When will I ever need this?” This question, too often heard in the classroom, indicates that a student is not engaged. If a student does not believe that what they’re learning is important, they won’t want to learn, so it’s important to demonstrate how the subject relates to them. If am teaching algebra, take some time to research how it is utilised practically for example, in engineering and I will share findings with students. Really amaze them by telling them that they may use it in their career. Showing them that a subject is used everyday by “real” people gives it new importance. They may never be excited about algebra but if they see how it applies to them, they may be motivated to learn attentively . Setting expectations and making reasonable demands encourages students to participate, but sometimes students need an extra push in the right direction. Offering students small incentives makes learning fun and motivates students to push themselves. Incentives can range from small to large giving a special privilege to an exemplary student, to a class pizza party if the average test score rises. Rewards give students a sense of accomplishment and encourage them to work with a goal in mind.This is time where students are indulging in the act of reflection so teacher should think about their thinking.Overall, it’s proof to me really effective to my past experience.