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Establishing rapport My name is Guyu, I’m a Chinese girl, the topic of my summative task is Establishing rapport .Writing this topic ,I want to talk about my teaching experience of how to establish rapport in my class. It hasn’t been long since I became an English teacher, I have 8 cute students In my class,they are between 9 and 11 years old. Before I take over this class, it had changed 4 teachers.I still remember the first day I entered the classroom and my students looked at me in surprise,they asked me:”Where is our teacher Zona?” I said:”Zona is going to be married,she is on a vacation and I will be your teacher from now on.” “No way! Teacher has changed again?”every student murmured with a sad face. I didn’t know how to deal with it ,so I said:”Okay, let’s begin our class.” But I found that students were reluctant to learn, at that time I didn’t learn the TEFL course, so I made so many mistakes in my class, firstly,I didn’t have the engagement phase in my class, I just began with the study phase,I told students to read the words in the flashcards, after that I began to teach the grammar, asked them to drill it again and again. Finally,I wrote the sentence on the white board and taught them to learn. I’m so nervous that I seldom smile in my class, I never sang a song ,I seldom played games with them, every student looked tired and uninterested in my class, some of them dozed off in the class. My students can’t get along well with each other, because there is a student named Gary, he always can’t answer the question, other students laughing about him when he couldn’t answer the question, even they humiliated him, they didn’t want to collaborate with Gary as a team, because they ‘re afraid of losing score in the activity phase, I also didn’t know how to deal with this situation,I just shouted at the students who laughed at Gary, I told everyone don’t laugh at others because it’s rude and impolite. But I find it doesn’t work, everything seems awful in my class. Finally, one of my students can’t bear my lesson any more, she disturbed me and said: ”teacher, your class is bored, you never play games with us ,you just teach us the grammar and the vocabularies. When will Zona come back? We want her back.” What she said really makes my heart broken, I felt frustrated for a long time after class.I realized that my students is right,she told me the truth and I need to make some changes,so I started my TEFL on-line course to find the answer.after class I understand that if I want to establish rapport in my class,there are so many things I need to do. At the beginning of my class,I made special seating arrangement,Tom and Jason can’t get along well with Gary,so I arrange for Gary and Alice to sit together.I asked students to introduce their names,ages and hobbies.I wrote each student’s name on the whiteboard.I also made special name cards for them and drew their own cartoon heads on the cards.A typical ESA lesson should have engage phase,study phase and activity phase, at the beginning of my class,the first step is the engage phase, I don’t need to correct the mistakes made by my students at the engage phase, the most important thing in engage phase is to arouse the interest of my students,try to motivate their enthusiasm of learning English.So I painted a lot of cartoons and use them at the engage phase , my students like my painting obviously ,they said:”Wow,It’s so cute! Did you paint it by yourself?”I was encouraged by my student’s admiration so I asked them:”Who can guess what I drew?” All of the students are excited ,put their hands up and said”Teacher me!” And then I take out a fairy tale poster ,this fairy tale is about the adventure of two children on liliput island,my students were attracted by the fairy tale poster,then I encourage them to talk about what they can see on the poster,then I sang a song about the liliput island,my students sang with me and they feel satisfied and interested of my lesson. Then I showed five dialogues about the fairy tale, I devided my students into 4 groups,I asked every group to describe the dialogue.Group members need to help each other to accomplish their tasks. I will reward the student who can help others to accomplish tasks well. In the activity phase,I created a lot of games that they never played before, for example,I has created a game called”Who is the winner?”Two students are in a group.One student holds the cup.One student holds the little ball with chopstickes and walks to the student who holds the cup.He puts the little ball in the cup and speak the dialogue.Then the student with the cup puts his cup on his head,goes to the end and speaks the dialogue.The two students write the dialogue on the whiteboard together.Such games are very popular with students,It makes my class lively and interesting. I want to thank TEFL course ,cause it teaching me how to be a qualified teacher,so that I have more confidence to face the various problems in the classroom and deal with them well.