Teach English in Diaowei Zhen - Baoji Shi

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Since my early childhood, I’ve been fascinated with the English language and all things related to it. I had my first encounter with English when I was around 6 years old, and I haven’t stopped loving and learning the language ever since! Of course, plenty of challenges presented themselves along the way, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t achieve English fluency up until 8 years ago. Now, I believe more strongly than ever that English is the global language and here is why I think so. English is the language of business around the world and we all can see that nowadays the global economy is more consolidated than ever, large corporations have established themselves all over the world in almost every country and all stock, commodity and currency markets are so closely tied up that even the tiniest changes in an important stock price will have an immediate effect on other prices worldwide. It is only common sense that in a situation like this a common language would be chosen to make the information flow as easy and effortless as possible, and whether you like it or not – English is the language serving this purpose! English is also the unofficial language of the Internet that connects the world. There are billions of websites on the Internet nowadays, and it’s estimated that more than half of the entire online material is published in English. So, for all of us online, whether we like it or not, speaking and having knowledge of the English language has become a necessity rather than advantage in this day and age in the virtual space of online presence. Another thing that makes the English language a king among kings is its versatility and sophistication. I’m sure some other big languages might also possess these characteristics, but the fact of the matter is that English has the largest vocabulary of all other languages on the planet and basically in English you can say the same thing is twenty different ways depending on what vocabulary you use – there’s slang, there’s conversational English, there’s formal and there’s very formal language – while in other languages you’re more limited to what and how you can say this or that particular thing. Moreover, it is fair to say that English is the language of travel. English speaking countries are the most affluent regions on this planet, and the amount of people going abroad on overseas holidays in addition to the advertisement used in promoting various touristic destinations around the globe have created the phenomenon of English being the common language people with different national backgrounds use to speak with each other. Personally, I’ve been to most of Europe, few countries in South America and Asia and my experience backs up my claim by 100% – English is the language used when the local hotel, restaurant or retail staff members communicate with foreigners and visitors. I can’t vouch for the entire world of course but I have a strong feeling that if you went to any corner of the world, you’ll always find someone who has at least broken English to give you directions and help you find your whereabouts. What’s more, books and literature written and most available in bookshops and online are almost al written in English and as a keen English book reader I am thrilled about it. There’s always a to be found on any topic imaginable, in English of course, and I tend to use every opportunity I can to catch up with my reading. Of course, there are lots of books available in every other language on this planet but the amount of literature available in English as opposed to any other languages is mind-boggling! Finally, speaking fluent English awards us a certain social status among our peers and internationally. We’ve all heard about business opportunities in China and other developing nations, and we all know for a fact that Californian Hispanic population has reached its all-time high figures in recent years. German is the most commonly spoken language in Europe – if you believe an article from a German newspaper and if you speak in Arabic, you can travel pretty much the entire Middle-East and Northern Africa. Despite all that, foreigners from all over the word are trying to master English, and the amount of people trying to learn the language is growing astronomically for the simple reason that English has become somewhat like Math or Geography in any school curriculum. If you speak fluent English, your job opportunities are much better than those of your peers, and it’s inevitably leading to a certain social status being assigned to fluent English speakers. So, it is safe to say, English is the language of the world.