Teach English in Jiangzhang Zhen - Baoji Shi

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I have learned English when I was 20, when I and my family decided to immigrate to Canada, from Brazil. I didn´t have much exposure to English language prior to that. 25 years have gone by, and now I have an opportunity to teach English back in my home country, Brazil! Living in a small countryside town, in northern part of Brazil, I met one of my childhood friends, Rodrigo, a few years ago. He just opened a small English school in town, and after a quick talk, I told him that I have decided to come back to my home country, Brazil, after being living abroad for more than 20 years. He was very excited at first, not only because he could have his childhood friend back up close, but also, he asked me to be a teacher at his just opened English school. Nova Vicosa is a small city in northern part of Brazil, with only 40.000 people. There is no private English school in the town, although it had a few, years ago, but they all closed down. As an entrepreneur, Rodrigo decided to open a new English school in town; however, he was finding very difficulties to get teachers to teach in the school. Although we have 38000 people in this small town, not many people have fluency in English. Never being a teacher myself, I found the invite very challenging, however, I was very excited and accepted his offer right away. At first, I was teaching 2 classes per day, advanced level, at night. Mostly were adults and all classes gone by very smoothly? After a couple of months, I was teaching 4 classes per day, and it started to be a little bit hectic, because I still have my full time job. Teaching 20 hrs week is a lot of work and time consuming, especially for me, a newbie; however, it was very exciting and fun. Students were very committed and enthusiastic, as a result, classes just flown by. We had a lot of informal activities; a lot of music, informal conversations and everybody were very much involved. Unfortunately my friend Rodrigo had to move town, a couple of years ago, as a result he decided to close down his English school. Nobody was interested in taking over his business at the time, because of value he was asking for. A couple of years has gone by, and a lot of people have been asking me when they are going to have a English school once again in town, whenever I bump into old students in town, and I always answer them, soon. As a result, I have decided to open up a new English school in town for next year, 2019. I´m very excited, and hopefully everything will go well as I am planning. I´ve already been in touch with a few English teachers, from the old English school, and they are all excited to join the group. That being said, what started as a freelance adventure could turn out to be my next business success.