Teach English in Yingge Zhen - Baoji Shi

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For a brand new teacher, getting excited about a new job offer can often be shrouded with dread; when the first lesson is fast approaching. It is entirely normal to experience these feelings as almost everyone can pay testament to the difficulty of their first lesson. Most of our fears can be attributed to the theoretical situation but where we run out of ideas mid lesson, or worse, being rendered useless in terms of establishing respect, order and rapport in the classroom. Usually, lesson planning is an easy way of making sure you don’t run out of concepts to teach, but it is more common to have trouble at first with the latter. When broken down, the teachers confidence echoes all that is necessary to successfully conduct a class lesson concept and have a matching authority. For this reason, focusing on a teachers own confidence is key to becoming flush with their new and enjoyable role as a language instructor. So what is your first lesson in the clock shows it’s only a few minutes before your students arrive, how do we handle the situation? The first step is to trust yourself; and realize you were chosen for this job because of your skills, if you can believe you are capable of having a good day, then most likely you will. If you trust yourself, your students will notice and respect it even without a word being uttered. When you meet your new students get to know them, establish a rapport by telling them a little about yourself, have some fun, the mood will lighten and the personal relationships with students that you will have made will garner respect not just for you but for your teaching goals as they will believe you genuinely care. More often than not, achieving respect mostly handles problem behavior and grants you pretty solid authority, but it won’t be the end of your worries. Another aspect is embracing pride in your own abilities; is by knowing that you can effectively see results. If you can get good results from your students, the school faculty will take heed, parents will notice, and the students themselves will thank you. Feeling worthy of our positions it’s hard to achieve, though humility is an honorable trait, to make full impact with our job we need the confidence to do so. Teachers should plan lessons ahead of time or even a week ahead of time if possible. Making a lesson plan will assist the teacher by making sure they will always be prepared for what to teach and have all the tools/materials at their disposal as well. For new teachers, using text books as an overall guide can be highly valuable, though usage shouldn’t be religious, lessons should still be flexible. Mastering the art of teaching in the context of quality of teaching, is a slow but truly rewarding process. As you will have many mixed groups of adults with different professions, ages or group sizes and young learners as well. Learning how to teach affectively and yet not being glued to lesson plans or textbooks is the best way to cater to students on a truly needed basis. The general guide should be to plan ahead, and input possible problems that may impede on the overall flow of the lesson, overtime, you will become more and more able to plan these things so don’t worry. If students are placed well and you are organized, then surely your confidence in your teaching ability will skyrocket. Last but not least, being an outlander in a foreign country may sound exhilarating, but can actually be scary or quite offputting, especially in some non-western countries. Which is why you should heavily study and choose diligently the country you desire to teach in or accept an offer from. Depending on where you go to teach, you may feel out of place, or in some cases, unwelcome. It is crucial to learn how not to stick out and to fit in as much as necessary. Learn the mannerisms, dress code and gestures that are required to conduct your role as a professional language instructor. Once that has been learned, you can learn how to tastefully self express and get comfortable. Self presentation is a big thing, but if you put in some effort, it can also be a huge confidence builder. Look good, feel good and teach well. In conclusion, a teachers conference can almost be synonymous with the teachers comfortability with their own abilities and classroom. Being well prepared will reward you clean and concise lessons, orderly rules and a good classroom behavior. If you show up comfortable in your own skin, with a plan in mind, and care in your heart, you can tackle any problem that comes your way, and that will solidify your self belief and echo from you in your career.