Teach English in Kejie Zhen - Baoshan Shi

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This unit is unfolded with the discussion of practical class management techniques for a successful class. The discussion begins with how teachers’ behaviors would influence the dynamics of a class including eye contact, gesture and voice. Then, this chapter is furthered by talking about the “art” of grouping students, in which different groupings may exert varied positive and negative influence on teaching and learning. In addition to grouping, one more step to consider is about the classroom management, which highlights different seatings may bring its own benefits and weaknesses to teaching. For me, the most impressive part concerns the discussion of how to minimize necessary TTT, maximize STT and establish rapport in classroom. Since students’ age, family background and personality may vary, it is extremely challenging to be aware of even the smallest change of classroom dynamics. This has to be very demanding for teachers to learn more about the students so as to build a good relationship between students and teachers, which can be vital for successful learning and teaching. In order to achieve this goal, to prevent problem behaviors and maintain class disciplines should be implemented. This part is detailed at the end of this chapter.