Teach English in Mingguang Zhen - Baoshan Shi

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This unit contains information about the ways to manage a class. Managing class by itself contains several different sides, such as: teacher behavior and public speaking skills; different ways to group students; ways to organize the space in the class; a balance between teacher talking time and student talking time; the way to give instruction for a task more effectively and make it easier to understand; creating an atmosphere inside the class and establishing rapport; ways to maintain discipline and respond to problems. It might seem to be a different kinds of science, but all of it leads to a one thing - managing classes. In my opinion, it’s one of the most important thing during teaching, because plenty of things depend on how student feel during learning process. If he feels comfortable to communicate with teacher and classmates, to work and to impress his own opinion inside the group, the learning process would be enjoyable and productive.