Teach English in BenbutuZhen - Bayinguoleng Menggu Zizhizhou —

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In my opinion , this unit mainly introduce different types of teching process. For the traditional teaching skills , I prefer the grammar translaton one. Because I think gramma is the most important part of a language and it also the most challenge part for both teacher and students. Fro teachers, they can improve their knowledge and then give students more accurate help. After learned unit three, I think the ESA teaching skill has a great influence on me. From this introduction of ESA , I learned that before we start the explanation of the target language, we need to stimulate students ‘ interest, and that part is the engage part of the whole teaching process. After engage part , there should be activity or study part , not matter which part we choose, the most important thing is we shouldn’t explain the target language in a direct way. That means we can’t give the right answer to students before they really think about the right answer by themselves. These are the benefits I have learned from this unit.