Teach English in Chunzai Zhen - Bazhong Shi

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Hi,my name is ngan.My full name is Huynh thi kim ngan. the first thing i want to talk about the Telso course ,this is the perfect way and method i can help myself to improve my skill in teaching. grammar course _ grammar course is really clearly and detail. i can control and rewiev and drill my grammar skill to help my students can use it in their topic ,in their excercise at school . i can help them think that grammar is not dificult they had though. In learning teaching skill ,i have learn about how to control my class,how to become a good teacher,how to draw a leson plan ,how to teach my student in each age and each class. In classroom management ,in this lesson i have learn about control my class, how to help my student feel comfortable more and i also understand that some problem i can not control and i have to care mỏe to my student help them can have an efective lesson with me in phonetics leson ,i thank i can fix some litte my mistake in pronounce ,i can improve my speaking skill and get many important skill to help my students in pronoun.i feel really happy . in the test of tesol ,i can make it quite well and i can understand and caontrol some methods in each test of tesol. and why i need to complete the Tesol course ,if i want to get a good job,good chance in the future i need to do it .nowaday,many people come from aboard to my country in oder to chat with them many people want to study or learn English, i point at that if i get the tesol degree i can open the new world for my life and nevetherless: i love english ,i wish i could get the tesol because it is a best quality degree come from america .this is my dream. in this course , i have studied about how to teach grammar and vocabulary. via this lesson i can understand clearly and can control ,can hold, and feel more confident to teach english .i fuound that it is easy to teache grammar and vocabulay which i used to get some prolems before in our country ,there are many children they want to study english but i really hard for them can accept the good method ,and in this course i can help them and teach them how to learn study easily via the method i have learn from the tesol course .the firsr ,i have to drilling and help my children read and pronoun the new words ,teach them carefully .and i can use some method online ,some techniques online ,using games,activity, sing a song ,read a story to help my students can learn well and can remember for a long time . in this leson ,i also study about activities with flashcards and how to teach with flashcard for children and adults .it is really an important question and good problem to solve in my mind. but now,i can control everything. infact, it is not problem if i follow the tesol course ,i kown that the children can take a big photo in their brain and the adults is not good about that ,so i can find the method and the good way to teach them efectively. in speaking class, the best method from me when i have trained from the tesol course ,let your students have a lot of new words, help the rea,remmeber,use it in the best situation ,ask them ,and let them talk about anything they want, do not care more about grammar first, do not correct them first, let help them can express their ideas then we can control everything if our student feel good in their leson . in our class always have many problem happen when we teach ,and eveybody is not the same grade,sometimes somes students wuold understand what we are talking about ,they can focus on their lesson .let sympathy for them .and patient to them ,do not blame them .and i think the tiem go by ,with our patience they can understand