Teach English in Dazhai Zhen - Bazhong Shi

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Some people would say that they have been learning English for more than a decade, they have studied very hard and received ver good English scores when they are at school, but when they need to talk to native English speakers, they realize that they can't speak English fluently and say it correctly, but find little kids who don't know that much grammar can speak English well, then they start to doubt is it important to learn grammar? The answer is grammar is important for English learning, whether we are writing, reading or speaking, grammar plays an important role. Grammar Is To English As Mortar is to Buildings. Vocabularies are the bricks of language and grammar is the mortar to hold those bricks together. When we are learning English, we learn vocabularies first, then we learn some basic grammar, after that, we know how to form a sentence. Otherwise, if we want to write or express ourselves correctly and effectively, it is necessary for us to learn grammar well. Grammar Helps Us to Understand Even if you have a large vocabulary, it may not be a problem for you to understand some simple sentences, but it might be hard for you to comprehend some complex sentences. What’s more, when we communicate with someone, the more grammar rules that you understand the more clearer your communication would be.   Grammar Helps You Understand The Rules Of Using English The process between the acquisition of mother language and learning non-mother language are so different. You may realize that the kids who are 3-5 five years old may speak their mother language more natural and better than you, while you have been learning their language as a second or third language more than 5 years. They do not even need to know about the grammar, just like we can speak our mother language automatically. However, as a second language learner, learning grammar is the fastest and most effective way to understand the rules about using non-mother language. For example, sometimes past tense, not only can refer to past events, but it also can be used as a polite way of expression. Grammar Boosts Adults’ English Leaning As we all know, kids can learn language easier and faster than adults, they have their learning systems which are through a lot of repetition, correction and connecting words with the physical images from their parents’ aids, which are not suit to adults, not only because we lack the certain environment, but our limited time, we want to master English language as soon as possible for some certain purpose using, business or traveling, so the most effective way of learning English well is to accumulate vocabularies, phrases, sentence patterns, and master English grammar to use them appropriately.  Grammar Helps Us Build English Thinking For most of us, because we grow up in a similar cultural background and receive similar information, which leads our way of speaking, thinking and the life that we are living are sort of similar, but when we can speak other language and think in another language, which is like opening a new world, not only you can know different aspects of point of view, but also help you think more objectively. All in all, grammar is very important for language learners, if you want to master English or another non-mother language, there is no shortcut for you to make it, take grammar seriously.