Teach English in Wumu Zhen - Bazhong Shi

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Teachers in general are dedicated individuals that are after satisfactions than material rewards. They genuinely feel they can make a difference to the quality of lives of their students. They are dedicated to helping students make the most out of learning. The realization of being able to help students become successful later on in life is one of the particular joys not so easily experienced in other professions. Teachers have a huge responsibility when they make contact and build relationship with a student, as there are so many opportunities in the classroom to influence the student's behavior and personality. It is not just simply teaching and delivering lessons daily. It is very important to build rapport with the students as well. One vital thing is to build confidence in students. A lot of teachers felt the need to develop their communication skills more to aid developing the student's confidence in return. Students who are confident achieve more and have fewer behavioral problems. These students can also influence other students to achieve more and create a healthy competition. Building confidence in students should start with building confidence in teachers first. It is essential to ensure that the teacher is ready for any challenges and can cope better with the everyday strains and stresses of teaching. Students copy the behavior of their teachers as described in the well-known 'modelling effect' so teachers should be careful as to how they behave in front of their students. After all, teachers are regarded as the students' role models. They should start assessing their own personality types, self-esteem levels, strengths and weaknesses and make action plans for self-improvement. When students acquire healthy levels of self-confidence, they pay more attention during class, get along better with their classmates and are more focused and motivated. They engage and participate more than the acceptable level. Teachers can use a wide variety of activities and techniques to build confidence in their students. Here are some ways on how to build confidence in students: I believe that teachers should know their students by heart. Start with their names. Make them feel important and involve everyone in the classroom. Don't let anyone feel left out. Focus on building rapport first and spend time having real connections. Make them feel safe to express themselves fully. Providing positive feedback is an effective way to boost the students' confidence. They strive even harder and push themselves when they know that their teachers are proud of them. Remember to give only genuine and sincere praise. Teachers should always be prepared. When teachers know exactly what to do and always accomplish goals within the given time frame, students will be assured of quality lesson time. Set goals with them individually and recognize that each student is different has different learning capabilities and difficulties. They will feel a sense of accomplishment when teachers make their progress known to them. It's important for teachers to allow their students many opportunities for success. Make sure their skills are being honed and build on their strengths as well. Trust them with bigger tasks and always have patience when they don't meet objectives right away. Make them feel that making mistakes is perfectly fine. Don't put too much pressure on them and find new ways to keep the enthusiasm going.