Teach English in Zhengzhi Zhen - Bazhong Shi

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As we all know,teacher plays an important role in the classroom. Experienced or inexperienced, It will reflect directly on the students,such as how to organize whole class,and also control different kinds of students or participates like kids in the kindergarten, students in the school or adults. That is a skill to learn by practicing in the daily time. First of all,you need to be familiar with the age of your students.The reason is that if they are kids around 5 years old,you need to focus on games and activities making them feel fun and interests in your class. But if they are students at school,they are able to get the knowledge as soon as possible,so you can give more time to discuss so that they can improve quickly.And if your students are adults above 18 years old,which means you need to know what they need,like speaking skill or for exams. And then,if you are in a mixed group,it’s better to put a weak student and a strong student together,it will help who does not work well but not always. And sometimes you need to give them practice for individual student.Because they group up in different families with different live experience.So as an experienced teacher, it is your ability to motivate all of your students in the classroom,no matter what level they are,what personality they are. Next, the percentage of talking time in the class is also the key point so that can help balance the out-put and the in-put.Of cause,we can speak more when we give language in-put, presentation,set up activities and so on.And at the same time, choosing the suitable language is perfect. Sometimes you can use gestures,eye contact instead of speaking,it is easy to understand especially for low level students,and it helps build good relationship with students so that students will be more confidence and active in the classroom. Eye contact is a good way to communicate with someone who do not pay attention to the class. In the end,we also need to solve the problems during the class ,such as if you do not finish all the target language and the vocabularies, what should you do?Finish it quickly in the rest few minutes or save it for next lesson?The answer is that do not run though it in a hurry,because our goal is to get students to master the essence and knowledge of learning,not to finish the class. If you have some special problems at home or outside classroom,actually you have no idea to deal with that.But I have been a teacher for more than 5 years ,in my opinion, I think it is my responsibility to inform his or her parents as soon as possible.Parents know them better than us.And we also need to have a regular parents’ meeting or meeting, so that we can talk about the behavior in the class face to face,if need, can make a study plan for students. All above all,they are the most important things we need to focus on in managing the classroom. Source (ITTT 2011 )