Teach English in Bangda Zhen - Changdu Shi — Qamdo, Chambo

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Nowadays, learning languages has become compulsory. Being in a globalized world, mainly influenced by English language as an international lingua franca, the tendency to learn English language is of paramount significance. In so doing, acknowledging various teaching methodologies and approaches allows teachers to be more efficient and productive during lessons. More precisely, being aware of the multiple teaching methodologies, such as Grammar-translation, Audio-lingualism, Task-Based learning and the like; increases learners’ productive outputs. Although there exist a myriad of approaches and methdologies, each of which has its pros and cons. The common convenient alternative that is suggested by Jeremy Harmer is Engage Study Activate-ESA method.As its title suggests, ESA is the most preferable methodologyentailing much diversified and multiple activities as well as materials during the stage of teaching and learning criteria. Particularly, ESA is effective, first and foremost, for elicitation standard wherein learners are capably motivated to be involved throughout the course procedures. Learners are unconsciously provoked to speak spontaneously through the use of elicitation tools: realia, flashcards, mime and follow-on questions. Methodologically speaking,Implementing the main ESA plan lessons including ‘Straight-Arrow’, ‘Boomrange’, and ‘Patchwork’ in a sequential and ordered manner reduces complication and increases clarity and comprehension for learners. Essentially, it is noteworthy that teachers are allowed to prioritize student self-correction and student-student correction more than teacher-correction option. In effect, the learning phase of learner becomes efficiently prolific in fluency and accuracy simultaneously. All in all, the appropriate use of the various aforementioned methodologies along with its types and/or options improves learners’ learning of the EFL