Teach English in Gangtuo Zhen - Changdu Shi — Qamdo, Chambo

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This unit was a wonderful reminder of ways to engage students at all levels. It even gave me some ideas on how to break up review days for my current students. I liked the list idea, however, I would argue that lists should be organized based on a concept or relationship to another word, like word association. This is a technique that works very well for my students who struggle with abstract concepts and vocabulary. The one area that I still feel slightly confused on is the suggested activities. Any of these activities could be used at any level of the Engage, Study and Activate model, it depends on the context of the lesson and the goals of the learners. This being said, I am a firm believer that the success of a lesson is in explicit modelling and communication of expectations. Also, a dash of honesty goes a long way with students.