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Good day. I chose this topic, because it is extremely important skill in teaching different level students . “Motivating students” is one of most useful teacher's skills, which really necessary for teaching . There is no difference whether you teach young students or adult ones . Each teacher must be able to encourage students and motivate them , when they needed it. As far as I know, there is no student who capable to hard learning foreign language during long time without awards or encourages in the whole world. Maybe this is one of reason why students, who learn foreign languages alone gradually lose motivation and as a result either they pay less attention to learning or don't continue to study at all. It's important to get feedback from other people or at least from your tutor . It's better, if this feedback is quite positive, but at the same time I personally know some students, who get motivation , if someone begins to criticize and show mistakes , which they did . It is little strange . Probably, they receive studying process like kind of competition or those persons want to prove and show others , that they can to be better and want to be better, even if they are criticized . Or they don't care about criticism. But it's not healthy motivation. Of course, teachers must not to do it during lessons . Only encourage and positive feedback. Nowadays many students don't want to study hard and pay all their attention to learning English within lessons. As it was mentioned in another my answer, I have been learning Chinese language in China for one year. And I also have an opportunity to attend English classes as well. I think , there are several reason why some students don't want to study well. The first reason is large classes, it's not a secret , that if there are a lot of students in the class, it's a very difficult task for teacher to communicate with all students within lessons. That is why some students, who don't get enough attention begin to feel boredom and start to do something useless . The second reason is phones and others devices for getting fun. The more younger students the more difficult them to refuse from using their own phones within lessons. Because of funny videos , photos, games etc. It's much easier , than learn something or participate in the class. That is why the teacher must be able to attract students attention and he/she should to encourage some students who feel lack of motivation and attention . To my mind the third reason is that Chinese students have a lot of classes every day. In my case, students, who learn foreign languages have 4, sometimes 5 lessons a day, 2 in the morning, 2 in the evening .(1 lesson is 2 study hours) . When I visit evening classes I see , that students want do nothing, except relaxing and watching funny videos. So, foreign teachers have a chance to teach classes successfully, if he/she is able to encourage students and show them, that learning process is much better and more interesting ,than funny videos. Chinese students feel lack of happiness within classes. Also some students very modest and have not enough confidence to participate in class activities and conversations with teacher or classmates. With teacher's support and help those students can to get enough motivation, gradually breaking down the language barrier and getting confidence, to feel better within classes. But on the other side the teacher should keep encouragement in a balance . I know , that personal conversation with weaker student helps to gain his/her confidence and motivation as well . Sometimes weaker students afraid of making mistakes, that is why they prefer to keep silence , although they have quite large knowledge of English. What regard to types of motivation of students, there are a various techniques and methods. For instance the teacher can motivate student by means of praise before classmates, small gifts, personal praise and so on. It depends on teacher. But it's important from time to time change the method of praise and motivate students as sincerely as it possible . Because students can feel it. To my opinion, the different class activities , which described in the previous units , have a great power, motivating students to take part in lessons and to become more active during classes. I saw this effect many times , when visited Chinese English classes. It's not a secret that there are exist some students in the school groups, who don't like teachers and they don't care, what teachers says, even if the teacher make a remark. But I saw , that those students becomes different , when a game starts or another interesting activity. During class games almost all students involved in process, even those , who usually make believe they like nothing connecting with studying . At the same time, many depends on students' characters, of course. Gradually some of those students gets used to studying and change their point of views about their teachers as well. As a results, they motivate themselves. To summarize, the teacher must be a good psychologist and attentive tutor, because it's really difficult thing to teach children who grew up in another culture and circumstances . Because students can react in another way on basic things , which teachers using in the their native countries. It is connected to praise and remarks as well. Thanks for everything.