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Motivation is a kind of enthusiasm within an individual that arouses and maintains behavior towards a goal. This is to say motivation is a goal-directed behavior.Another definition says, motivation is a kind of energy within an individual that determines to what extent he/she will involve in a task and how long he/she will keep concentrated.We shall discuss the importance and strategies of motivation in the classroom in the subsequent paragraphs below. The importance of motivation includes;firstly,highly motivated students turn to learn faster and better.Secondly,motivation creates the desire to learn the subject matter.Also motivation arouses student’s interest and participation in class .Finally, it facilitates the learning process. The two distinct forms of motivations are Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations. Intrinsic Motivation is one that comes from an internal force such as interest in learning language or the desire for further personal development in general while Extrinsic Motivation is one that comes from external pressure such as the need to speak English for work or because a parent has sent a learner to class. There are several strategies of motivating students in class which will be outlined below. Firstly,the teacher should make sure he/she knows the names of the students.Calling up students by their names rather than pointing fingers shows the relationship you have with your students. Also,try to always give your students options to express themselves where necessary.Giving them such opportunity makes them feel confident in what they are doing. Furthermore, teaching in class with passion motivates the students.It shows you are familiar with the lesson.They have confident in what they are learning and this makes the class interesting. The use of humor is another factor.When you use humor during lectures,it makes the students to be at ease and they in return will enjoy the lectures. The teacher should be very flexible during lectures, being strict with the students will scare them from participating in class. Build a rapport with students.Students love it when they are attached to their teachers. When arranging the seating positions in class,it should be noted that the higher level students should be seated beside the lower level students in order to ease interaction in class. This will go a long ways to facilitates your work. Using supportive techniques when correcting students will also help to motivate students in class.This indicates that,even if a student is in doubt to answer a question in class,he/she will want to give a try because of the techniques you are using to correct them rather than being shy to participate in class. Using songs,funny pictures,videos and stories to teach also contributes in motivating students in class.Through these measures,they will visualize what the teacher is teaching and it creates an exciting atmosphere in class. The teacher should be able to create a learning environment that can encourage social interaction.Starting a reward program in the classroom is another means of motivation.This will encourage student’s participation in class.Always pay close attention to the strengths and limitations of your students.Reward the stronger students and strengthen the weaker ones. Always encourage interactions among students.These interactions can be done through pair work or group work where students turn to interact with almost every student in class. Also,make sure your speech should have some excitement, vary your pitch, volume and rate during lectures.With this,students will stay focus and very attentive in class. Make sure your classes are relevant and be sure students see how the content you are giving them relates with that of the world around them. Punctuality also motivates students.They love when teachers are on time,it shows how dedicated the teacher is to his/her lessons and it will also contribute to keep them alert from coming late to class. Lastly,classroom motivation also includes your gestures.The teacher should endeavor to smile during lectures,body gestures makes students feel relaxed and enjoy the lesson thus creates a more comfortable environment for learning. To conclude, motivation in the classroom solely depends on the teachers.Using these strategies outlined above to motivate students in class will greatly encourage effective participation of students thus a helping tool that will contribute massively to the success of the students.