Teach English in Dongyangguan Zhen - Changzhi Shi

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As a global medium of communication, the importance of teaching English has increased a lot in the present society thus the importance of teaching productive skills, which is one of the English language skills has also increased. The process of learning English is slow and progressive and could be interpreted as a series of setbacks to face. This process consist of the development of certain skills. These skills include;productive and receptive skills. Productive skills are divided into speaking and writing. Speaking and writing are considered as productive skills because it produces language rather than receiving it. According to chastain(1998),speaking is a productive skill that involves many components such as grammar,strategy, sociolinguistics and discourse. For him, speaking is more than just making the right sound,choosing the right words or getting the construction correct. Speaking is the must used of all the skills, the main function of spoken language is to socialize people. For this reason, it is important to teach productive skills because it allows students to socialise by performing communicative activities such as presentations,spelling and writing activities. Communication among two people or students in a classroom is very complex, but there are generalisations that we made when we are teaching and learning English language. Two or more students can be talking for a particular communicative activities given in the classroom or because the want to say something. In order to encourage the students or learners to speak the language, teachers should engage the the students in a lot of class activities which will involve speaking. These activities will be centered around fluency and accuracy of the language. Accuracy is concentration on students to produce the language while fluency is allowing the students to be creative with the language. These activities can be controlled by the teachers, simply by drilling the students by asking the students to chorally repeat the teacher's modal of pronunciation or guided role played activities. On the other part fluency activities can include the teacher allowing the students to freely use the language by engaging them in a free role play activities which will give the students the opportunity to use all the language they know. Writing skills on it part seems to be the hardest of all the English language skills even for native speakers of English language. This is because it doesn't only involve the graphic representation of that language,but the development and presentation of thoughts in a structured way. According to Florian coulmas, writing system is a set of visible or tactile signs used to represent units of language in a systematic way,with the purpose of recording messages which can be retrieved by everyone who knows the language in question. Writing on it part is a way of providing variety in classroom procedures. It provides students or learners with physical evidence of his or her achievements and he or she can measure his improvement in the language. Writing is made up of spelling, punctuation, creative writing . Teaching writing which is one of the productive skills is important because it helps to consolidate the grasp of the learner's vocabulary and structure and it also compliment the other language skills. Also, teaching writing skills in a classroom is important because it helps the students to be able to write well structured presentation as part of a class activity or home work. On the other hand, its is important to teach speaking skills which is a productive skill because its gives the students the opportunity to practice real life situations in the class. For instance,when students are given the opportunity to speak and express themselves by telling stories or engage in a talking activity with the other students about a topic given by the teacher,they use the speaking skills. In the course of speaking, their accuracy and fluency can then be determined by the teacher. Teaching speaking skills is again important because it gives the students the opportunity to evaluate their success in the language learning on the bases of how well they feel they have improved in their spoken language proficiency. According to matin, someone fluency in speaking is determines or measures his or her proficiency in that language. Generally, it is important not only to teach productive skills in a classroom but it is also important to teach the receptive skills which involves reading and listening.