Teach English in Gucheng Zhen - Changzhi Shi

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There are different kinds of teachers and every single teacher might use a different way how to increase his/her confidence in the classroom. Let's speak about any English teachers at any kind of school. Firstly, I would like to divide all those teachers into three levels. Teachers in the first level are total beginners with teaching experience below 1 year. Into the second level I place teachers who have been teaching English for at most 5 years but not less than one year. And finally, the third group consists of very experienced teachers who have been teaching English for five years or above. Level 1 - When a teacher, who has never taught any class before, comes to the classroom is probably very nervous. In order of being nervous a teaching assistant might be a good option. Not only for one class but I would suggest few weeks. If something goes very wrong, teaching assistant can always help and the new teacher can feel relieved. The teacher has probably completed a teaching training and performed some demonstration classes but a real class is a way different. That is why every new teacher should prepare a lesson plan. Not only some notes but write down some detailed information what he/she wants to do in the class. From the very beginning to the very end. After gaining more experience, the teacher's lesson plans will probably be shorter and with only written notes. The teacher should also learn how to bring positive mood to the classroom. No matter what happens to the teacher outside the classroom he/she should always be smiling in the class. Such positive attitude can make students think positively as well. All will feel relaxed and class will happen in smoother way with positive environment. After every class the teacher should take his/her lesson plan and evaluate it. What was great but also what did not go well. After evaluation think of some possible ways how to improve some parts of the lesson. When being desperate, internet or colleagues can always help and give some useful suggestions. Level 2 - Such teachers have more than 1 year of teaching experience. This might make some of them think that they are already experienced teachers and they do not need any other trainings or preparing lesson plans. This is surely wrong way of thinking. Teacher who wants be a very good teacher must keep improving all the time. Every teacher should definitely not forget about the positive attitude in the classroom. The mood he/she brings to the classroom is the mood which he/she puts on the students. Positive environment makes students confident. And confident students make a teacher feel confident, too. Teacher should keep preparing and evaluating the lesson plans. One advantage is that the teacher has some experience. Smart teacher keeps his lesson plans and if he/she ever teaches the same or similar topic again, the previous lesson plans can be used and evaluation notes from the previous lesson plan should be reviewed. These small things can make everyone's teaching more and more effective and enjoyable. Level 3 - If there is a teacher who has been teaching over five years, he/she has probably faced many different situations and issues which have probably been happening at most of the schools. After five years of teaching experience there can rarely occur a situation which might surprise the teacher. But even after all those years it is necessary to be ready for any possibility which might happen. Previous experience can definitely help the teacher to deal with some problems or issues faster and more effectively. Such experienced teacher has probably collected a big amount of materials and also a big number of lesson plans. Smart experienced teacher should be collecting all those materials and lesson plans in a file and while preparing for the class, grab those files and pull out all needed paper sheets. This preparation usually does not take so much time. Teacher gets plenty of ideas for the lesson so he/she will probably not be short of ideas for every single following class. Teacher also has written down many ways which did not work in his/her classes so these ways won’t be used. All these details keep the teacher confident within every class. Especially if happens when teacher suddenly does not have enough time for preparation, all these old notes can be a way more helpful than one might think. At the end I would like to mention one important thing. There are some people who do not like to work with children or who basically do not like interaction with children. If somebody decides to become an English teacher he/she must have positive attitude towards children otherwise he/she cannot become successful in this field. That is mainly because most of the teachers focus on young learners, mostly between three and fifteen years old. Despite somebody starts as a teacher of adults or starts teaching in the companies, sooner or later there might occur new young learners who are below 15 years old. Without positive attitude towards children the teacher will always feel nervous and unconfident in those classes and might not become a good teacher. Keep smiling, have positive mood and be willing to improve yourself every single day. And you will become a successful teacher.