Teach English in Guodao Zhen - Changzhi Shi

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We are teachers. Professionals, some more experienced than others, but professionals after all. We, and our employers and students, have so many expectations on us. I always thought this was usually true when we are working in a school-like environment, with teenagers, kids and young learners in general. But, through the years I have come to realize that these expectations are exactly the same in the adult teaching environment, including the business world. Thus, when we make a mistake such as losing our temper in front of our students it might feel like the end of the world... Because to some degree we are deceiving those expectations and we feel we might have lost the student's respect and trust. But... is it true? The truth is... even though is not good to lose your temper when you are teaching, it might happen. We are professionals, yes, but we are also human. We can have a bad day, a bad week, a bad moment. That doesn't make us less of a person or less of a teacher. In my opinion, when you teach it's very important to be respected and to show an image of strong, reliable and professional person. But at the same time it's important to show our humanity. It's okay to make mistakes. We should be able to show this part of ourselves as well, because this will make our students less afraid to make mistakes as well. Thus, when we make a mistake, let's not panic and hide or put excuses that will make us look even worse... let's be honest and recognize what happened, and then apologize. I don't think it would be necessary to explain the exact reasons, but it might be good depending on the situation, if the teacher thinks it can help him reconnect with his students and regain their trust back. Let's imagine we are having a horrendous day. We go to the class, and start teaching our daily lesson. And then a few of the students are late, but instead of apologizing and being polite, they enter the classroom chatting loudly and laughing, disrupting the lesson and disrespecting everybody in the room. We don't have patience that particular day, so instead of talking calmly we shout at them and ask them to take their sits and stop being rude with the class. The wrong approach would be start feeling like a failure, feeling guilty, wrong and wanting to leave the classroom and quit the job. The right approach would be to pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and then be very honest with the whole class. Say we are having a rough day, and even though being late is not acceptable, we would like to apologize for losing our temper and having an emotional reaction. Maybe saying a joke or adding some humor at the end to lighten up things would be helpful, such as "Yep... even if you don't think so, we teachers are human with emotions too! and bad days, etc...". Then, no matter how the students react, but our best smile, bath ourselves in peace and keep teaching, looking confident, stable and calm. Allowing ourselves to outlive the mistake, and allowing the students to see that nothing happens even after you make a mistake. You can keep teaching, learning, living. Making mistakes doesn't make us wrong... it just makes us human, no matter how old we are.