Teach English in Chengdu-shi

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Teach English in Linji Zhen, Chengdu Shi
This unit provides an outline of what can be expected in the following units of the course and an overview of how teaching English to young learners is defined
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Teach English in Longwang Zhen, Chengdu Shi
This unit in particular was clear and concise, I would say straight to the point, stating mostly what the course itself will cover and of course, the type of students we are going to work with
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Teach English in Longxing Zhen, Chengdu Shi
The group denoted as young learners sit between elementary and adult students and are a group with their own needs where lessons need to be tailored to student factors as much as possible
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Teach English in Luodai Zhen, Chengdu Shi
The first unit starts with a course introduction and how it works, followed by the options the participants have with the tutored and non-tutored version
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Teach English in Mimou Zhen, Chengdu Shi
Him how are you? It was good to gain some insight into the course ahead and also to have better clarity and understanding of what is considered to be a young learner
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