Teach English in Baitou Zhen - Chengdu Shi

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Teaching process is one of the most interesting things in the world. And I don’t speak about foreign languages only, it is in general. But we are here to discuss some methods of teaching a foreign language in particular, English language. There are a lot of different ways of how to teach English, but I would like to discuss one of the most interesting ways – storytelling. To my mind, storytelling during the class is very important and due to this method a teacher can make the lesson more interesting and useful for students of any ages and levels. Using this method, the teacher has a lot of opportunities to improve students’ abilities in listening, speaking and discussion and during a lesson the storytelling method can be used in different ways. The first, and to my mind the most interesting and useful way is to watch the video with a story and to read the subtitles which are in the story. It is very helpful for students who are at the Beginner’s level. During the reading, students can practice their pronunciation, work with intonations, manner of speaking because they copy everything from the video. And then the teacher can give the same video for homework and students can practice by themselves, if they are adults or teenagers and with parents’ help, if they are kids. For more practice, at the next lesson students can read the same story which is printed just for checking their memory and searching their problems with reading and pronunciation. Also, it is a good idea to act out the story which has been read. It will help to overcome shyness and speech barrier when students start speaking with somebody who knows English well. The second way of using storytelling is really good for students who are at the Elementary or Pre-Intermediate level. For these students, the teacher can choose the video or audio story which connects with grammar points of the unit. The teacher can ask students to listen to the audio or watch the video carefully and find some tenses (The Present Perfect or The Past Simple), or other grammar patterns in the text. Also students can be given a story which is printed and read it turn by turn, paragraphe by paragraphe and do the same task. This way improves students’ grammar because they analyse some grammar points through reading, listening and watching and, of course, doing some exercises which are connected with the story. The third way of using storytelling can be used by students who are at the Intermediate and higher levels. In this case, the teacher can give some stories which are written in academic language. When the students read, listen to or watch some stories which are difficult enough, they improve the same abilities which have been described before, but there are some distinctive features. For example, the teacher can encourage them to use new words during the discussion of the story. Moreover, the students need to be more careful to the details of the story and be able to answer any questions which the teacher asks. This is a very good teaching method because it allows to involve all the students in a group into the discussion and everyone will be working orally during the lesson. In conclusion, I want to say that the story telling method is good not only for students but also for teachers. Because when the teacher uses this method, he or she can create new tasks which are funny and helpful, can notice students’ difficulties and problems with reading, listening, grammar and oral activities and be more flexible during the lesson.