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EQUIPMENT & TEACHING AIDS. Over the last few decades the growth in different types of classroom Equipment & Teaching Aids have been incredible. And we have the opportunity to Access to the content from exciting ways, thus, the process of teaching – learning depends of equipment available in the classroom. There are many Equipment & Teaching Aids that can help us, for example: audio – visual aids, overhead projector, Interactive White board, among others. In addition, they are improving the quality of education, so they make more powerful and Dynamic activities with tools, and lessons come to life because this gives each learner the opportunity to interact with touch, motion and sound which allows them to comprehend more easily, Equipment & Teaching Aids help to make the learning enviroment interesting and increases student Access CHARACTERISTICS OF GOOD EQUIPMENT & TEACHING AIDS - They are meaningful and can be used in many lessons. - The are simple, clear, and may be improvised. - Ther are according to different class levels. - The are useful for supplementing the teaching process but thet cannot replace the teacher. NEEDS OF EQUIPMENT & TEACHING AIDS - Students can learn better increasing proweful tools. - They créate the environment of interest of the students. - Equipment & provide direct experience to the students. - Every student has the tendency to forget, so, they help to the teacher to retain more concepts and make learning permanent. ADVANTAGES OF EQUIPMENT & TEACHING AIDS - They are Good subtitutes for the teacher. - They provide variety of resources. - They make learning permanent. - They are helpful in attracting attention of the students. - They encourage the healthy classroom interaction - They sabe time and energy in the classroom - Lessons become wonder and Dynamic - They relieving anxiety or boredom from students - They help in the develpment of various skills. Following are some of the resources: BLACK / WHITE BOARD: There is a wide range of approaches to board use in the classroom. So, use the white / black board during class has a meaningful and structured way, without stopping the interaction or dynamics of the group. Teacher can write up new words, structures, exercises, short texts, or just how a Word is used, writing uo the page number, dates, to save a lot repetition! INTERACTIVE WHITE BOARD (IWB): The Interactive White Board (IWB) consists of an electronic White board from computer that receives input electronically or by touch, that permit a range of activities, interaction, writing and a number of senses, sight, hearing, even touch. ADVANTAGES: - It makes easier the teacher to structure lessons. - Every student Will be anxious to try out how the board work. - It increase participation. - It can provide immediate feedback. - Allows stures with disabilities to learn better (ezTalks, 2019). OVERHEAD PROJECTOR (OHP): Overhead Projector (OHP) is a small machine designed to Project and image onto a small screen or White board, therefore you can write on the slide. It’s the most used tool, thus it can reduce the amount of paper used for photocopies. It facilitates an easy low – cost interactive environment for educators. COURSE BOOKS: Course Books is one of the most common resources in the classroom, they are designed as a guide for students of all levels and ages. ADVANTAGES: - Course books provide organized unit of work with chronological presentation of information. - In each unit of study and teachers manual are easy for the teachers to prepare their lessons. - They are excellent teaching aids as resource for both teacher and student. DISADVANTAGES: - The students may quicly lose their interest. - It’s old or outdated. - It has all the answers to all the questions. - Reading leve lof the course book is too difficult. PHOTOCOPIER: Photocopier is a machine for copyinh or printing various types of worksheets, images, surveys, and an infinity of more things. Thus, it provides clean copies of the material you want to copy, also you can copy both slides of a document. LINKOGRAPHY: https://www.eztalks.com/whiteboard/benefits-of-interactive-whiteboards-in-the-classroom.html