Teach English in Chuxiong-yizu-zizhizhou

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Teach English in Bajiao Zhen, Chuxiong Yizu Zizhizhou
The content presented in this unit, helped me to understand more the dynamic in the classroom, and especially not only what to teach, but, how to teach it taking into account all the specific aspects of how we should look at students, talk to them according to their personality, how to solve problems and how to react to many situations that as teachers we witness inside a classroom
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Teach English in Guanglu Zhen, Chuxiong Yizu Zizhizhou
Until now, I have learnt about class management mainly by watching other teachers teaching lessons to young children, so I haven't thought about all the possible occurrences that were explored in this unit
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Teach English in Guihua Zhen, Chuxiong Yizu Zizhizhou
This unit taught me that how a lesson is delivered is not only about the material being delivered but also the physical attributes like the size and the structure of the class, the background of the students, the teacher's gestures and discipline of students
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