Teach English in Donggua Zhen - Chuxiong Yizu Zizhizhou

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In this unit i learned about Classroom Management: 1.The proper usage/pros and cons of eye contact, gesture and voice. 2.Grouping of students -Whole class groupings pros and cons -Students working on their own pros and cons -Pair-work pros and cons -Groupwork pros and cons 3.Classroom arrangement-points to consider: -Space available -Types of chairs and tables -Age of the students -Nationality -Student personality 4.Types of classroom arrangement: -Orderly rows -Circles and horseshoes -Separate tables 5.Teachers position- appropriate position and movement at certain stages 6.Writing on the board-points to consider 7.Giving individual attention- do's and don'ts 8.Teacher talking time and student talking time -Advantages and disadvantages 9. Giving instructions-points to consider: -Using simple language -Being consistent -Using visual clues -Checking the instructions 10. Establishing rapport-points to remember 11.Maintaining discipline: -Reasons for problem behavior -Preventing problem behavior -Responding to problem behavior