Teach English in Zhongshan Zhen - Chuxiong Yizu Zizhizhou

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Managing the classroom effectively is one of the teacher’s most important jobs as classroom management has the largest effect on student achievement. Since every class and every student is different, teachers need to find the right strategies that work best for her or his students. First of all, it’s essential to establish a positive relationship with students to effectively manage the classroom. Establishing positive relationships promotes a sense of belonging, and encourages students to participate cooperatively. Moreover, if teachers show enthusiasm and passion, classroom management is generally more effective. Classroom arrangement can strengthen cooperative behavior and help teachers direct the attention where it’s needed. Changing classroom arrangement and students’ position helps make the lesson more dynamic. Therefore, for effective classroom management, lessons and task should be designed to bring students together. Finally, for a lesson to be effective the teacher should reduce the amount of TTT as much as possible, to allow learners opportunities to speak, and learn from speaking.