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Teach English in Yousuo Zhen, Dali Baizu Zizhizhou
unit 5 Managing classes This unit covers Eyecontact and gesture and voice/grouping students/classroom arrangements/Writing on the board/Giving indvidual attention/Teacher talk time and student talk time/Giving instruction/Establishing rapport/ Maintaining discipline
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Teach English in ZibihuZhen, Dali Baizu Zizhizhou
I really enjoyed this unit, I'd have liked it to go a bit deeper - which it may later in the course, but as a introduction to class management I found it to be laid out in a very concise and easy way to understand, I feel like a lot of this was maybe missing when I went to school since I sat in the same layout my entire school career for example, and that over time and in the future its exciting to be able to find new ways to teach, layout classrooms, lower TTT and give students more STT (mainly in Language learning) to make there learning experience more fun, better for learning and one really important thing is less anxious for students who find it hard or scary to involve themselves in front of the classroom
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