Teach English in Baishi Zhen - Dali Baizu Zizhizhou

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First I must say that I am a bit embarrassed about my last test's unit reflection. I wrote that two questions were the same and even took a picture just in case I got one wrong. Once I checked my score and saw I got one wrong and I rechecked the picture I saw that they were different questions. I must have looked 6 different times at those two questions and my brain just couldn't register the difference until I focused. Anyway, this chapter was very useful in many respects. I liked the sections on grouping students, developing rapport and maintaining appropriate levels of teacher and student talk times. The section on giving instructions was also very engaging. It at first seems counter-intuitive to speak at a lower level than the language you are teaching, but once thought about and brought to the teachers attention it makes so much sense. This was a very helpful unit with many ideas that I plan to incorporate into my classes.