Teach English in Binju Zhen - Dali Baizu Zizhizhou

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As a teacher, it is important to maintain control of the classroom in order to effectively carry out a lesson. Students are respectful of teachers who make them feel included and interested, who are stern and fair, and also those who are consistent. A good teacher must build rapport with his students. Classroom arrangement and grouping of students is very important, as it can effect the speaking time of individual students, the teacher's ability to monitor and correct, and classroom discipline. Teachers should maintain eye contact with their students as much as possible while speaking, and face the board as little as possible. Eye contact is important for making students feel included, as well as giving cues for students to speak, or gently enforcing discipline. While student talking time is more important for learning, teacher talking time is important for giving instructions, building rapport, and maintaining classroom discipline. Teachers should refer to individual students by name, but only at the end of a sentence,and should avoid consistent patterns in who gets called on to speak, so that students remain attentive the whole time the teacher is speaking.