Teach English in Dengchuan Zhen - Dali Baizu Zizhizhou

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I have learnt how important classroom management is in creating a conducive environment for teaching and learning. I now understand why it is important to make eye contact and group students in a specific way as well as how building rapport helps with establishing discipline. I also understand how to figure out which factors would determine the best seating arrangement for a class, example; based on the number of students and nature of activities. This unit has made me understand why in my past experiences, teachers have done certain things in classrooms when I was a student. I didn’t understand at that moment why they did these things but now do, for example; rearranging the class seating daily was to expose students to different partners and increase STT. I have also learned the advantages and disadvantages of TTT. This unit was well structured and easy to follow and will help me in my further understanding of what is needed to be a good teacher.