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Right now? I’m here sitting in a famous milk tea shop in Vietnam, sipping ‘sin to buh”, it’s a smoothie made out of fresh avocado’s. I think milk tea has become a trend now in Asian Countries and I personally have been to countless milk tea shops in the past years. When I was still a kid my mom would always buy several National Geographic magazines and every page is a fascination and I always end up spending the whole afternoon reading. I guessed National Graphic magazines were my escape to the other side of the world and have inspired me to travel. I haven’t really thought about it that way but as I look back and how far I have travelled to some Asian countries, I realized my love for travel started through the pages of National Geographic, the vivid pictures were enough to tell me, I was still young I wouldn’t have probably understood what the texts were below every picture but one thing I will never forget was I made a promise to myself to travel when I grow up and here I am in Vietnam living that dream. I didn’t make it to Vietnam that easy and would say that being here was a dream almost forgotten. As soon as I graduated college I needed to find a job as fast as I can, Since I am sending my sister to college. It was easier to look for a job if you are a teacher. Luckily I found one it was an International School and I qualified for the job. The school where I first worked was an International School, and has the same school in China, so standards were high and considering in the Philippines where I came from – English is considered to be a second language or at least being taught to as a subject and far more in the same school English was also the mode of teaching and communication. From then, on I realized how English was a good start for little children to study at a very young age. Using English as a means of communication in that school where I used to teach have prepared me so much for what I was about to do in the future, as a future English Teacher in a foreign country. After my teaching career for 6 years, I decided I want to try something new, so I got hired as Customer Sales Representative selling radios through a phone call from customers all over America. Once again my English Speaking skill brought me to a whole new world and a living. But I couldn’t compromise my health since working in a call center is usually graveyard shifts because of the time zones my work required, I left the job and decided to go back to teaching. In between all those years working, I also travelled a lot specifically Southeast Asia, the travel bug hit me a lot. And I also realized I wouldn’t have enjoyed my trips back then, if I barely speak English. Truly, as I sit down here now with a milk tea in my hand and writing this, I realized how far English language has brought me, learned it as language and using it, has brought me to places, experiences that I wouldn’t have imagine. That little boy turning pages of the National Geographic magazine has finally somehow living the dream in one of the most fast developing country and where I can make a living just by simply teaching English, It’s all here in Vietnam or should the local call it “Sai Gon”. I must say, with all that I’ve gone through and what the future lies ahead of me, Learning English, using it, speaking it. Generally helped me to be where I am now, English is universal, it is and will always be the only language that will connect us all over the world, wherever we may be. I am lucky, in the Philippines – English is considered a second language and is being taught in schools as early 6 years old. It was considered one of the major subjects and I have been learning English if I remember it right basically all my life in school. The sad truth about it is that it is not the same in most countries, where learning English is an option or a separate course to learn when you graduate, while English is being taught regularly in some privileged schools but not everybody will have the same opportunity. And by learning about all these, this is the more reason why I felt like where I needed to be, as a teacher – I would like to share the same dream, how learning English has brought me to places, experiences that I would cherish for a lifetime. I just felt that I can inspire my students why learning English is both a necessity and an opportunity as well, especially where countries, English is not the first language. I want to tell my students why English makes a global language. And teach it, through ways it will be fun and memorable, basically I am here as a teacher to inspire and encourage why learning English, has brought me this opportunity to travel the world and enjoy it. I am living proof why English is a global language, it gave me a lot opportunities and i am still looking forward for more. I wouldn’t trade this chance to be here to anything else. And as a teacher, to teach English I believe I can do so much more. And will take every opportunity I can starting with my students in the four corners of my room.