Teach English in Jingji Jishu Kaifaqu - Datong Shi

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One of the hardest aspects of becoming a teacher is to get the hang of how to motivate your students which is considered to be as one of the most significant strands in teaching procedures. Accordingly, teachers spend a lot of time of hard work to become experienced in their content areas, endure long hours of professional improvement so as to be well versed in pedagogical education, collaborate with colleagues in order to use the best practices in the classroom and develop assessment so that they can follow students’ progress. However, some students seem to be unwillingly eager to learn, whereas others are naturally motivated and have a passion for learning. So, what are the effective ways that teachers should incorporate to get all of their students excited about learning? Motivating a student seems to be a challenging task, but the rewards are more than worth it. That is to say, teaching a class that is full of motivated students is more enjoyable and fulfilling for both teachers and students. Well, in order to maintain an appropriate teaching atmosphere, teachers need to recognize and value their students’ work which can get them more likely to be enthusiastic and concerned about the lesson. What is more, students should be complimented and praised in an open communication so they feel more important. Furthermore, creating a friendly classroom can make learners heard, respected and appreciated, moreover, setting high expectations and making reasonable demands can also allow them to get involved. Similarly, offering encouragement makes learning lively and motivates students to push themselves. In the same way, teachers should teach through games rather than monotonous and repetitive ways of teaching and lectures. Teaching English through games not only keeps students focused, but also supports them to be able to use the target language they already learned, therefore, games play a very essential role in helping students to make use of their learning. Additionally, Instead of being in a dull as well as boring classroom, teachers had better ask their students to decorate the classroom with posters, models and seasonal themes to create a warm, inspiring and stimulating environment. Besides, there are several other strategies of how to keep students motivated and exhilarated, for instance, delivering presentations with high energy and enthusiasm, showing love and passion for the subject matter, having the ability to successfully tailor instructions to students’ concern, letting them know how the course will prepare them for the future opportunities, engaging them to use the classroom materials, giving them the chance to achieve their level of mastery and making sure that every student get the possibility of high standard and grades. Finally, motivation can be promoted and fostered through showing our students that we are positive, optimistic and rapturously excited about their learning, hence, students’ motivation is highly recommended in teaching processes and it is the most effective tool of improving language of learners. Teachers should never embarrass or criticize their students when they do not understand the subject that is being delivered, whereas they had rather be more emphatically supportive and understanding. In other words, assuring that they know you care about them and their academic success. Last but not least, motivation is very connected to achievement and fulfillment in foreign language learning and teaching.