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How to build a successful teaching career ? This is an interesting and meaningful question. If I asked persons who were observers, they would say that good teachers had to achieve lots of educational awards, or their lessons ought to be excellent. But from the perspective of many students, they probably tell me that teachers should be patient or humorous. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate how to build a successful teacher. In my opinion, to build a successful teaching career, most of teachers like us should have some qualifications. In the first place, we should highly expect to our learners. It means that our students aim to be successful. They have good environment to develop or to push themselves some problems. Then they can manage themselves to overcome them. In case they fail, teachers are there to raise and build them up, and encourage them to doing. Besides, successful teachers should have sense of humor. They often make their students excited. Learners are easily to laugh at silly things from them or their teachers ( when teachers pretend ), then teachers can show out their purpose of teaching. An importance factor to have excellent teaching work is teacher’s knowledge of their field. The best teachers are masters in their subject area, the larger knowledge the more lively lessons are. They know what are really needed for students and never stop learning and searching for their teaching targets. They are curious, confident and able to combine different materials to make wonderful lesson plans. Moreover, flexible teachers use teaching strategies that cause them to think outside of the box. Productive teachers think creatively and make their class experience exciting for children. They identify ways to leave outside the class and create experience that are unexpected and ultimately memorable. “ If there is no risk, there is no rewards”, someone say that, and teachers show that risk is a part of being successful. Therefore, students can see success and fail from their teachers, then they know how to handle with similar situation. One thing which leads to the success of teachers is continuously updating with the latest in technology. The creative teachers often spend time on exploring new tools and use them reasonably into their lessons. Another thing plays a vital role in making a wonderful teachers is building funny lessons. Teachers are not only humorous but also dynamically mix up lesson plans based on students’ interest. For example, most people enjoy in interesting activities, funny songs and stories which relate topics they learn. Last but not least, teachers ought to empathize with their students. The best teachers are patient with their pupils and understand when they are under stress or have problem with materials or even themselves, maybe shyness. Teachers will do whatever necessary to get their students back on track and give them motivation to overpass difficulties. In conclusion, building a successful teacher is not simple with someone doesn’t have passion in teaching, but a progressive and enthusiastic teacher will know how to utilize and combine those above methods effectively. It is the result that your teaching career is more and more successful.