Teach English in Wangzhuangbao Zhen - Datong Shi

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The topic of this task is ESP (English for Specific Purposes). As teachers when we start teaching or even before that when we are still considering entering into the teaching profession we rarely think of another form of teaching English. The usual way is just to have kids in class and you teach them English so they can communicate with the community every day. Then there is ESL English where you teach English to non-natives and they will need to learn all their English from you. Now finally we get to ESP, this is another subset of teaching English that focuses on teaching English for a specific reason or purpose. The most common form of this that I have come across is teaching business English. This is when business people or aspiring business people go through an English course so that they can be able to communicate in the business world that they are entering. Some of these people will be non-native English speakers who would like to get into the international business world and English is the most commonly used language in that area and so they will need to learn it. Other examples of ESP are such as Technical English, Scientific English, English for medical professionals, English for waiters, English for tourism, etc. Each of these courses will be tailor made for that intended profession. It will allow the learners to be able to learn words, phrases and vocabulary that is normally used in their fields.in essence the course will be designed to meet the basic needs of the students in their chosen fields and it helps prepare them for their careers and enable them to be able to communicate properly with other English speakers. Some may ask, what is the difference between general English teaching and ESP teaching? Well to answer that I don’t think there’s much difference because in general teaching sometimes the teacher will tailor make the lessons to be able to suit a particular purpose or level of students. However, there are a couple of notable differences like for example with ESP it is strictly about that purpose and nothing else so from start to finish of the course that they will be learning about. These courses are usually shorter and more motivating for the students and I also think the students will be more motivated in these lessons because in essence they chose to do this course and they are doing it because it will help them i9n their future. Personally, in my teaching journey I have not yet come across a situation where I have to teach any of these types of courses but I would be very open to trying them out eventually in my career. I think it will be a new challenge and experience for me and it will help me to grow as a teacher. I kind of like the idea of teaching specific English for a specific purpose. It would be more focused but I think that would be what I am more comfortable with than just teaching English for the sake of teaching English.