Teach English in Dazhou-shi

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Teach English in Baisha Zhen, Dazhou Shi
The unit factors regarding 'language acquisition' and 'language learning' was interesting, yet there was one challenging question on the test that I was not sure of
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Teach English in Bǎishu Zhen, Dazhou Shi
In this unit, I have learnt that while teaching English to young learners, a teacher should be aware of the age group first, because mainly there are two groups; five to nine year olds and nine to thirteen year olds
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Teach English in Banqiao Zhen, Dazhou Shi
In this unit, we have learned that there are four major groups that emerge when looking at learning and behavior theories: Constructivist, Maturationists, Environmentalists and others
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Teach English in Baoshi Zhen, Dazhou Shi
This unit look at how we learn and develop through the years and makes a distinction between younger children, up to nine years old and those older up to thirteen
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Teach English in Beimiao Zhen, Dazhou Shi
This unit overlooks the most popular learning theories to then go into the different between learning our native language and learning a second language
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Teach English in Beiwai Zhen, Dazhou Shi
This unit covers a plethora of things, sitting arrangements, likes and dislikes of the different age ranges, ESA methodology and it's possible variations, both productive and receptive skills, the kind of roles the teacher might need to take in the classroom, language acquisition and language learning, among others, from which I feel I've learn a lot about the last two I mentioned
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Teach English in Caoba Zhen, Dazhou Shi
This unit is very useful for my teaching background as I have a better understanding of what is useful for group 1 and not for group 2 in order not to make my classes boring and unsuccessful
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Teach English in Chahe Zhen, Dazhou Shi
It was good to note the subtle differences in teaching lower elementary students as opposed to the more senior kids, and how some activities whilst fun for the younger kids can be embarrassing for the older ones
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