Teach English in Dazhou-shi

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Teach English in Shiqiao Zhen, Dazhou Shi
This unit taught what considerations have to be given to constructing a syllabus and the types of testing/analysis required to help determine appropriate pace and materials to be used
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Teach English in Shiqiaopu Zhen, Dazhou Shi
It has been a personal misconception that teaching English to young learners was a "complacent" field: introducing basic language skills and vocabulary, and keeping it fun, engaging, and simple
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Teach English in Shitang Zhen, Dazhou Shi
I really enjoyed expanding my knowledge on different syllabuses and the example of a syllabus design was yet again so much help! It really is quite tricky to develop a great course, this has been such an eye opener through the units
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Teach English in Shiwo Zhen, Dazhou Shi
The most useful part of this unit has been the focus on the test that are most suitable for Young Learners, specifically the CYCLE tests, which I have encountered for the first time
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Teach English in Shuangmiao Zhen, Dazhou Shi
unit 3 has given myself a introduction to the concept of level testing, what a needs analysis is, limiting factors on course, syllabus design, examinations and testing
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Teach English in Sihe Zhen, Dazhou Shi
This unit took a deep dive further into the differences in techniques, activities, and methodology when dealing with young learners, specifically
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