Teach English in Dazhou-shi

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Teach English in Xiandu Zhen, Dazhou Shi
This unit has highlighted the importance of level testing and needs analysis as well as syllabus design and factors to be considered when designing a syllabus
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Teach English in Yanfeng Zhen, Dazhou Shi
The unit covered the course's development, looking at level testing, needs analysis, some limiting factors that might cause inconvenience throughout the course, the syllabus design and the end-of-course questionnaire
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Teach English in Yongxing Zhen, Dazhou Shi
The unit provides an overview on the different possible levels of proficiency, different kinds of tests that can possibly be administered, ways that a syllabus can be designed and the importance of course evaluation at the end of the course
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Teach English in Zhangjia Zhen, Dazhou Shi
More test are discussed in this unit, the differences and when to apply such test to determine students' proficiency, their knowledge and progress during any particular course
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Teach English in Zhaogu Zhen, Dazhou Shi
Unit three deals with course development, essentially a "how to" overview on creating an effective course tailored to the needs, abilities and purposes of the student group
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